Best solar inverter in India 2022 for home

Are you looking for the best Solar Inverter for your home in India? If yes, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the top 10 solar inverters on the market and what features they offer. We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best solar inverter for your needs.

Solar inverters are one of the most important components of a solar panel system. They are responsible for converting the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity which can be used by your home appliances.

There are many brands and models of solar inverters available in the market, making choosing the right inverter for your home a challenging task. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best solar inverters in India for 2022 based on their features, performance and price.

What is Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are the most important part of the solar power system. Solar inverter converts solar panel energy output into usable electricity that can be used at your home or place of business.

How Does a Solar Inverter Work

Solar inverters are devices that convert direct current (DC) from a solar panel into alternating current (AC), which can then be used to power electrical equipment. They are an essential component of any solar power system.

Solar inverters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. The most common type of solar inverter is the string inverter, used in residential and small commercial solar power systems. String inverters are generally less expensive than other types of solar inverters and are easier to install.

The sun falls on your solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) cells, which consist of semiconducting layers of crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide. These layers, which are connected by a junction, connect the positive and negative layers. The semiconductor layers capture sunlight and transmit it to the photovoltaic cell. Direct current is the result of electrons moving around by this energy as they flow between the positive and negative layers (DC). When this energy is created, it is either immediately transferred to an inverter or stored in a battery for later use (depending on the type of system you have).

Image showing How does solar inverter work

Although your home needs AC, the energy is transmitted to the converter in DC format. The energy is taken up by the inverter and passed through a transformer, which produces an AC output. By treating the transformer as AC, the inverter essentially tricks the transformer into believing that the DC is in fact AC. To do this, it passes DC through two or more transistors that rapidly turn on and off and feed the two different sides of the transformer.

Top 7 Best Solar Inverter for Home and Office

1. Luminous NXG 1150 Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter with ISOT Technology

The Luminous NXG 1150 is one of the best solar inverters on the market, and for good reason. It is a pure sine wave inverter with many features that make it ideal for use in homes. 

Luminous NXG 1150 Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter with ISOT Technology

One of its most impressive features is its Intelligent Load Sharing (ISoT) technology, which allows the inverter to share the load between two or more inverters connected to the same system. 

This ensures that the system is always operating at peak efficiency and the load is distributed evenly, preventing any one inverter from overworking.

If you are looking for a solar inverter that is both efficient and reliable, the Luminous NXG1150 is the perfect choice for you.


  • This inverter features a clever solar optimization technology that increases the amount of solar power used in charging and backup modes.
  • The built-in heavy-duty solar charge controller enables simultaneous operation of load and battery charging.
  • In times of frequent power outages, it helps to supply a continuous and uniform power supply.
  • This inverter is the best choice for remote areas with low voltage conditions due to its sophisticated architecture, which enables it to charge well even at voltages below 90V.
  • A high-quality LCD display that shows faults in backup time, charging time, ECO/UPS mode and clear, sharp images


  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Intelligent charge sharing
  • Low voltage charging
  • Safe operation
  • User friendly LCD display


  • If you have heavy wattage equipment to use. It does not work even you have power supply is running.

2. Genus Surja 1125 L Sine Wave Solar Inverter 

Genus Surja 1125L Sine Wave Solar Inverter UPS Best for home-office-shops. This UPS is designed to provide reliable and consistent power to your device, even in the event of a power outage. This inverter is a high quality product and is backed by a one year warranty. With this UPS, you can be sure that your equipment will be safe and functional.

Genus Surja 1125 L Sine Wave Solar InverterĀ 


  • The Genus Surja L Hybrid Solar Inverter, unlike the DG set, provides only the required power, increases the backup time and uses less battery.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art DSP technology, the Surja L delivers superior performance and efficiency at every stage of operation.
  • Surja L is completely non-polluting and suitable for use in any workplace.
  • Features a 12V 165W solar panel or can be used without a solar


  • It is possible to connect Genus inverters and UPSs to power grids, solar PV panels, or fuel based generators.
  • Unlike generators, Genus inverters and UPSs do not produce any noise, toxic contaminants or contaminants.
  • Genus Inverters & UPS can recharge very quickly and are always ready to deliver enough power thanks to the Turbo Charging option.
  • Genus inverters and UPSs can withstand adverse weather and perform flawlessly in low or high voltage environments.


  • No Cons found

3. Luminous Plastic Solar Hybrid Inverter

The Luminous Plastic Solar Inverter Home UPS (NXG1100/12V) is a great option for those looking for an economical and reliable solar UPS. This product was created with the aim of providing homeowners and small businesses with a reliable backup power system when the grid is down.

This inverter is easy to install and use, making it a great option for those who are not familiar with solar power. This product can also be used as a standalone UPS system, meaning it can power individual devices or circuits.

Luminous Plastic Solar Inverter


  • To run the computer, it is necessary to select the UPS mode. If the mains voltage drops below 180 V while the system is in UPS mode, it switches to battery backup.
  • Its output is a pure sine wave, which ensures the safety and quiet functioning of any connected devices.
  • You can use it to drive a DC load through a UPS as well. This guarantees the greatest efficiency and lead.


  • ECO and UPS mode The NXG Solar UPS can run on two modes
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • AC and DC power output The NXG range has both AC and DC outputs at the back


  • No Cons Found

4. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity 

The V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity is a digital sinewave UPS with free installation for home and small office use. It is an offline UPS which provides protection against power surges and voltage fluctuations.

The UPS has an inbuilt microprocessor that continuously monitors the incoming voltage and switches to battery backup mode in case of power fluctuations. It also has an inbuilt charging system that keeps the battery charged when there is no power supply.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 solar inverter


  • Turbo Charge: 30% faster charging
  • Track Battery Health on Your Smart-App
  • Emergency Charging Mode: Superhero for Your Chargeable Gadgets
  • Make sure your inverter takes a break while you’re on vacation and away from home! Put your V-Guard Smart device in holiday mode via the app.


  • App Enabled Smart Inverter
  • Uninterrupted Lifestyle
  • Battery Water Topping Reminder
  • User Defined Select-able Output


  • Bluetooth distance is poor. To connect with Bluetooth the phone should be 1 or 2 meter distance to the inverter

5. Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Inverter 

Luminous Jolt Sine Wave Inverter for Home, Office and Shops is one of the best solar inverter for home use in India. It has a wide range of features that make it a good choice for Indian homes and offices. The main feature of the Luminous Jolt Sine Wave Inverter is its sine wave output. This ensures that the inverter produces clean and pure electricity that is safe for all your electrical equipment.

Luminous Zolt


  • An inverter with external MCB is equipped to protect your equipment from malfunctions and short circuits.
  • In the event of a short circuit, incorrect wiring, battery overcharging, overloading and low battery, the inverter will sound an alarm system.
  • In the event of a system failure, a bypass switch ensures direct power supply from the mains to the home and allows for power distribution without the need for any wiring modifications.
  • UPS and Inverter with Eco operating mode.


  • Fast Charging and Efficient output
  • Pure sine wave technology
  • Intuitive LCD display


  • This inverter uses trickle charge technology, which means it will continue charging the battery at a low setting, even after it gets fully charged

6. Genus Surja Pro Premium Solar Home and Office Inverter UPS

The Genus Surja Pro 1150 40AMP 12 V Premium Solar Home and Office Inverter UPS is an excellent choice for those who want to power their devices using the sun. It’s perfect for powering your home or office, and it has lots of great features that make it a great choice. First, it’s a solar powered UPS, so you don’t have to worry about using any of your energy unnecessarily. Secondly, it has a lot of power options, so you can customize it to meet your needs.

Genus Surja Pro 1150 40AMP


  • The brand promise of Genus products and services is quality.
  • Featuring robust and reliable DSP technology and intelligently built to run heavy load applications.
  • The newly designed solar inverters feature the industry’s first “Solar Maximize”, which optimizes the performance of your solar panels.


  • Advanced DSP technology provides the highest conversion efficiency.
  • Solar+ works on grid, solar only or grid only three-in-one configuration.
  • Battery charging, even with input voltage as low as 110V AC
  • Pure sine wave power is safe for sensitive equipment


  • No Cons Found.

7. Luminous Hercules Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home & Office

The Luminous Hercules Sine 1500 – Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home and Office is a great tool for those who want to be able to run heavy loads on a single battery. This inverter is capable of delivering 1500 watts of power, making it perfect for running appliances or other equipment that requires a lot of power.

The pure sine wave it produces is also ideal for use with sensitive electronics, as it will not harm them. The only downside of this inverter is that it is a bit pricey, but it is well worth the investment if you need a reliable and powerful inverter.

Luminous Hercules best solar inverter


  • It runs a load of 1100 watts on a single battery, saving additional battery costs.
  • UPS supports all types of batteries including flat plate, tubular and SMF.
  • Eco mode extends the voltage range, which minimizes battery usage.
  • Faster battery charging and longer battery life are guaranteed with Adaptive Battery Charging Control System Technology (ABCC).


  • More Load In Single Battery
  • Eco & Ups Mode
  • Battery Compatibility With 1 X (12V) Battery, 80 Ah to 220 Ah


  • Customer says bad backup and bad charging

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In conclusion, the best solar inverter in India for home and office use in 2022 is the one that suits your specific needs and requirements. There are many different types and brands of solar inverters available on the market, so it is important to do your research to find the one that is right for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to like, follow, and comment on this article.

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